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Flight and Migration in the EU – New Answers to Political Questions

On July 1, we will dedicate a hybrid migration conference to the topic of migration in Europe. In four panels, experts will explore various topics around the central theme of the conference „Flight and migration to the EU – new answers to political questions“. The organizers are the network organization SOLIDAR, the Willi-Eichler-Akademie e.V. and the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut.



Hybrid migration conference „Flight and Migration in the EU – New Answers to Political Questions“

Democracy Factory – Democracy in Local Communities

Our project “Democray Factory” – in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Political Education North-Rhine Westphalia – has been advocating democratic participation and capacity building since 2017. The project is set in a local and diverse community in Cologne.



Equal Care Day

The “Equal Care Day” is an initiative inviting individuals, organisations and institutions across Europe to link arms in raising awareness around the negative experiences of care givers and workers in the public and private care industries on the issue of appreciation and the unfair sharing of work loads and responsibilities. While for many years the “Equal Pay Day” has stimulated debate around unequal pay and possible solution approaches, the gender care gap with its social dislocations has barely had a look in, yet the two are inextricably bound.

European identity

Through this project, backed by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, we hope to support civic engagement and strengthen political entities, while fleshing out characteristics of European identity.

In various event formats, we seek to move away from established patterns of thinking and argumentation logic and explore new ground. We would like to hear what Europeans think. Perhaps even arouse a little love for the continent.


Communal college 2020

The communal college 2020 is a bundling of seminar offers of SGK NRW, the Willi-Eichler-Akademie e.V., the Heinz Kühn Training Institute, the Stenden Training Institute and the communal academy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It comprises a wide package of seminars, training courses and workshops on preparing for communal volunteering.

Solidarity 4.0

The “Solidarity 4.0” project aims to bring together people of different ages, from different social environments and with differing communication habits to discuss their respective understandings of solidarity.

You will become agents in a political opinion-forming process generating ideas and action approaches exploring how to organise solidarity and social security across society as a whole and create impetus for decision-making processes at the political level in the digital age.


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